Construction & Real Estate Law

We advise and represent our clients, namely builders, entrepreneurs, architects, real estate investors and private individuals, in private and public law matters in construction and real estate law and also conduct the related negotiations and proceedings on their behalf.

The private construction and real estate law comprises the legal relations between the persons privately involved in a construction project, e.g. builders, architects, engineers and craftsmen. We therefore support our clients in the construction of real estate and accompany them in extrajudicial or judicial proceedings. In the case of work defects, we also assist our clients in enforcing their defect rights and stand by their side in finding solutions with regard to outstanding fee claims. In this regard, we also support our clients in the registration of construction liens and the further necessary steps and advise them also with regard to servitudes, real burdens and further mortgages. Finally, we advise our clients on the purchase/sale of real estate and assist them with questions regarding property rights, tenancy law and seek solutions in neighbor disputes.

Public construction and real estate law includes all public law regulations that must be complied with in construction projects. We therefore assist our clients in obtaining building and other permits and provide them with advice and litigation support in appeal/complaint proceedings. Our clients can build on our knowledge and experience.

A selection of our expertise at a glance:

  • Comprehensive advice and representation in connection with the development of real estate
  • Contract drafting, negotiation and enforcement of contracts and individual contract clauses
  • Support in the enforcement of rights in respect of defects
  • Advice and enforcement with regard to fee claims of companies and craftsmen
  • Advice on mortgages, servitudes and real burdens
  • Preparation and examination of (bank) guarantees, sureties and advice regarding financing possibilities
  • Advice and assistance regarding the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Advice on property rights and their protection
  • Advice regarding co-ownership, condominium ownership and joint ownership
  • Advice on neighbor law (disputes regarding excessive immissions, border distances, etc.)
  • Advice and support in matters of rental law
  • Advice and representation in building and other permit procedures
  • Support in appeal procedures
  • Advice in matters of building and planning law under public law
  • Advice regarding nature, heritage, environmental and monument protection
  • Advice on expropriation law and public law restrictions on property rights