Criminal Law

Our areas of practice also include advising, assisting and defending our clients in (commercial) criminal matters.

Due to the massive impact on the life of a defendant in criminal proceedings, it is advisable to include legal advice and guidance from the very beginning. We plan with our clients their defense strategy and make sure that the criminal proceedings are carried out correctly. We support our clients during hearings, during the examination of objections against a penalty order and defend them in court proceedings. We also prepare for our clients, upon request, an expert opinion in criminal law and or a second opinion regarding the ongoing criminal proceedings. If our clients are victims of a crime, we represent their interests and stand up for their rights.

A selection of our expertise at a glance:

  • Criminal defense from the very first minute before the police, public prosecutors or in court
  • Advice and support for accused persons, victims and other persons affected by criminal offences
  • Accompaniment and support during preliminary and main proceedings and in other types of proceedings
  • Counseling with regard to the alleged criminal acts
  • Support during searches of residential and business premises
  • Assistance with the seizure of documents and objects
  • Advice and support in the ordering of pre-trial detention
  • Review and appeals of penal orders
  • Drafting and filing of criminal procedural appeals
  • Preparation and filing of appeals to the Federal Court of Switzerland