Contract Law

We draft a wide variety of contracts for our clients in all areas in different languages and advise and represent our clients in connection with the negotiation and conclusion of contractual agreements as well as the interpretation of contracts.

Every person concludes several contracts every day – sometimes even unconsciously. Contract law deals with the handling of ambiguities and disputes in the widest variety of legal areas, which can arise in connection with the formation of contracts, the conclusion of such contracts as well as the implementation thereof. We assist our clients in the drafting of contracts ranging from simple to complex, and work with them to create a contract text that meets their specific needs.

Written contracts should always be clearly formulated and offer as little room for interpretation as possible. Sometimes, however, there is still room for interpretation as to the actual content of the contract. In this case, the truly intended content of the contract must be determined. We therefore support our clients in the interpretation of contracts and clarify the question with which intention and concrete content a contract was concluded. We also offer our clients support in translating contracts into other languages and adapt foreign contracts to Swiss law.

A selection of our expertise at a glance:

  • Drafting of various contracts, e.g.:
    • sales contracts
    • general terms and conditions (GTC)
    • employment contracts
    • rental agreements
    • work contracts
    • supply and production contracts
    • distribution agreements
    • consulting and service contracts
    • leasing contracts
    • marriage / inheritance contracts
    • other contracts
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Translation of contracts
  • Adaptation of foreign contracts into Swiss law